At Global Tiles we use both Warm Up and Schlüter underfloor heating systems. The Warm Up system used a loose wire system for its installation, whereas the Schlüter system uses an uncoupling matt that the wire clips into. If you are unsure what system would be beneficial to you, call into our showroom and we can advise you further. 


The Schlüter – Ditra Heat system is the market leading system for providing heating on walls and floor, under both tile and stone. The Ditra Heat system provides uncoupling, crack-bridging and waterproofing properties along with load distribution and vapour management. This together guarantees a lasting installation.


Benefits for installers:

·     70% faster installation time compared to loose wire systems,

·     No need for self-levelling compound,

·     Low assembly height,

·     CE marked waterproofing simply by sealing the matting joints and connections,

·     Suitable for installation over timber and concrete surfaces,


Benefits for home owners:

·     Faster response time with Schlüter – Ditra Heat TB matting bringing 80% more heat to the surface,

·     Greater control over your heating zones, saving energy and running costs,

·     Reduces impact sound,

Warm Up is a UK based manufacturer using a tough, dual-fluoropolymer, 1.8mm diameter heating wire. It does not raise floor levels and is BEAB approved. This means the highest safety standards are reached for electric underfloor heating. This product is suitable for:

·     Stone,

·     Tiles,

·     Wood,

·     Carpet

·     Vinyl,


With its low operating temperature, warmth is evenly spread across the whole floor area with no clod spots. The floor is heated from underneath and so not creating a stuffy atmosphere.