Kitchen Tiles

Take a look at a selection of our kitchen wall tiles.

Don't forget, you can also use bigger tiles (e.g 60x30cm) to achieve a sleeker look with minimal grout lines. 

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These tiles are stocked and are a size of 7.5 x 22cm.

They have a glossy finish with slightly darker edges to create a stunning look. 


Available in 6 colours. 


Priced at £36.79 per m² inc VAT 



Lime, Turquoise, Papaya, Mango,  Cherry, Bone and Milk


10 x 20cm



Bright, colourful tiles perfect for a splashback.



                                                                       Priced at £58.50 per m²



Gloss Black, White, Dark Grey and Light Grey.

Matt Black and White.


 Thin brick effect tiles.

Mix your gloss and matt finishes for something a little different!


       Priced at £54.00 per m²



Blanco, Cotone, Fango, Greige and Ottanio.


7 x 26cm 


A rustic tile with a smooth, satin finish. 

Creates a lovely effect. (see below pictures)


Priced at £36.00 per m²




Available in White, Black, Light Grey and Dark Grey.



A very modern look for either a kitchen or bathroom. Very effective - glossy and different!



Priced at £80.13 per m²




Available in White, Ivory, Cream, Mocha, Grey, Graphite and Black. 


7.5 x 30cm 


Glossy brick effect tiles with a wavy edge. 

Perfect as a finishing touch to a kitchen wall. 


                                            Priced at £60.80 per m²




Available in Talco, Pomice, Cemento, Anthracite, Black.

(Browns also available) 


10 x 30cm 


A stretched traditional metro tile with a satin sheen finish. 


Priced at £55.56 per m²



Wall tile only.

Available in Black, Dark grey, Light grey and white.


Something quite a bit different, this is sure to attract attention and create a great feature in a bathroom or kitchen.



Priced at £78.70 per m²








The 'Vita' Collection

Natura, Bianco, Crema, Graffite, Nebbia, Nebbia Decor and Mare Decor Mix.



Plain colours - £33.12 per m²

Decor - £36.00 per m²


Montesca Metro 



Available in Aqua and Green.

Ceramic wall tile


Priced at £46.56 per m²

Marquina and Alba 


These tiles are stocked with us - and have a gorgeous carrara marble effect.


Available in both black (Marquina) and white (Alba).

They are 7.5x22cm 


Priced at £36.79 per m² inc VAT 

 Aspen Natural Decor 


This tile is stocked and they are 7.5x22cm 

These have a selection of subtle decor effects.

There is also a plain Aspen Natural tile to mix in or use on its own.