Pelipal - Solitaire Collection

The solitaire range is the perfect solution for admirers of striking designs, wanting something a little bit special for their home. 

With unrestricted design freedom and consistent style, this range is sure to find your perfect LED washbasin and unit not to mention matching mirrors / cabinets and storage units.

Solitaire 6905

The 6905 is an eye-catching design perfect for space-saving. 

It features an asymmetrical worktop and has additional shelf space for small bathroom utensils. 


Solitaire 6900

The 6900 has curved mineral marble washbasins with a light and delicate unit appearance. 

A shallow basin means it is ideal for small or elongated bathrooms. 

High quality curved units. 

Solitaire 6025

The 6025 captivated with it's innovative appearance and a huge choice of furnishings and decor variants.

The washbasins are now also available in metallic black or metallic grey. 

Solitaire 9025

The 9025 portrays a beautiful geometric design with innovative technical features to the range. 

Modern and industrial in appearance with various colours to choose from for the front and carcass - combined with metal feet and handles.

Convenient mirror cabinets with sockets and switches fitted to the outside with a flat mirror also available with a USB port available. 

Solitaire 6045

The semi-circular washbasin creates a vibrant, feel good atmosphere. With a flowing design, modern decors and glossy chrome handles it all contributes to a very elegant look. 

Choice of mineral marble, ceramic or glass basins with optional LED lighting in the shadow gaps of the unit. 

Solitaire 9020

This range is certainly an eye-catcher.

With recessed handles, curved front and soft edges it radiates calmness in a bathroom. 

Integrated lights and a matching mirror are available along with additional storage units to match with practical shelving.

Solitaire 7025

This range sets new standards! Flowing soft shapes and a curvaceous designed washbasin with new lighting effects. 

A true diva-like appearance with a diverse range of countless possibilities and many exclusive products. 

Solitaire 6005

A natural look and feel to the bathroom.

Diverse, up to date decors allowing this range to harmoniously fit into any modern, informal bathroom atmosphere. 

Co-ordinated mirror cabinets and mirrors with integrated LED. 

Solitaire 7005

Setting new trends with colourful mineral marble washbasins.

Elegant, glitter effect on the colourful uppers surface. The new glass washbasin in OptiWhite allows you to give a modern bathroom an additional elegant highlight. 

The wider variants of the furniture offers a unique asymmetrical design with practical shelf space and is perfect for unusual spacial requirements. 

Solitaire 6910

A space saving wonder!

Washing areas available in various sizes. Available with reduced depths, offering new design possibilities. 

Solitaire 6040

A range with linear, recessed cubic front panels and integrated aluminium handle strips. All of these attributes create a very modern appearance.

Depending on what you would like, this range offers warm wooden decor's, timeless grey tones to industrial oxide looks. 

With shining glass fronts, these create a really extravagant appearance.

Solitaire 6010

This range is uncomplicated and features straight lines and a back to basics approach to furnishings. 

A diverse spectrum of possible combinations with wood, gloss or matt finishes.

Optional washbasin made out of Krion material provides a further highlight. 

Solitaire 9005

This range provides plenty of space. Ample room for all of your bathroom utensils thanks to the cleverly structured vanity unit.

There is also the option of a double washbasin. 

The delicate design of the furniture fits seamlessly into any bathroom atmosphere.

Solitaire BALTO

This range really does impress, with its enormous diversity of designs. 

Stylish front panels in a new glass design or softened edges with a chrome finish. Elegant and atmospheric lighting in the furniture and a classy mineral marble washbasin give you a touch of style. 

Solitaire CASSCA

Functional and modern.

The Cassca range comes with mineral marble or glass basins and is available in 4 sizes. 

It offers convenient storage shelves and a generous basin. 

Soft, distinctive shape with matching mirror cabinets and storage units. 

Solitaire Pineo

Two different washbasins, 3 different sizes. 

Fresh and charming range with a wide range of decors and numerous additional units to add to your bathroom. 

Girona = Cubic and modern

Belo = Straight, classical lines.